Online marketing is not simply asking your customers to visit your website. This is something that you have to make with efforts. People always want an interactive communication. It is very important to be sensitive for the customers. Here are the things that you should avoid while doing online marketing:

Not responding to customers as immediate as you can

You say, ‘contact me’. But if they contact you and then you do not respond as immediate as soon as they want, this will be a big disappointment in their part.

Use of Robots

There is nothing worse than talking to a robot. If they find out that they are talking to a robot, that is a damn to you. This is because you make them foolish by asking them to talk to a robot and you know that no person would like to be talking to a robot.

Being Impolite

No matter how rude the customer is, it is your responsibility to stay polite all the time. This is one of the mistakes of online marketers. You must tolerate the customers personality and be patient with them.

No relationship

Marketers always engage themselves with the customers as if you know each other for many years. It is normal for customers to be close with businesses that have warm voice and hospitable manners.

No Updates

There should be updates about the marketing. Bo updates means that you are going to be out-dated and no customers would like that. You must know how to catch always the attention of customers. Although there is nothing new, find ways to make your activity alive.